Fizzy & Sour Retro Sweets

Fizzy and sour sweets come in all shapes and sizes - with a real variation in just exactly how sour they are. At the top end of the sour scale are the likes of Mega Sour Cola or Mega Sour Plooms... Eating these is an experience in itself - they're the kind of sweet that you eat just to challenge yourself - but, having munched through a bag, you start to get used to them - and once you've got past the initial sour coating, you're left with some really mouth-watering cola or plum flavours to enjoy. A little less extreme are the likes of the classic Cola Bottles - with their fizzy, mouth-tingling sugar coatings. There are some real classic retro sweets in this category too... Remember Kola Kubes? Or Sour Apple Cubes? Our fizzy and sour sweets make up in to some brilliant jar options; we have small cylinder jars, lovely old-style Victorian jars, kilner jars (the type with the metal clips and rubber seal) - and the option to add these to one, massive pic-n-mix mega barrel. 

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